Cocos Island Diving

Located 300 miles off the coast of Costa Rica, Cocos Island is one of the more remote and pristine marine environments on the planet. Teeming with marine life, Cocos Island is both a World Heritage Site and a Costa Rican National Park.

The island is ringed with more than 18 different dive sites, many of which offer hammerhead and other shark viewing opportunities. Cocos Island diving is “adventure diving at its finest”. Hammerheads (individuals, small groups, and schools) are just about constant companions on many dives. Add countless white tip sharks, eagle rays, dolphins, and even the occasional Whale Shark and you start to get the idea that Cocos is one of the most intense marine life habitats in the world. Add large numbers of turtles, Moorish idols, jacks, tuna, and plenty of shark action besides hammerheads and you know you have found the right place for high octane adventure diving.

The Undersea Hunter Group also visits remote Malpelo Island, some 314 miles off the coast of Colombia in the Eastern Pacific. Affectionately known as “La Roca” (The Rock), Malpelo also boasts similar underwater terrain and habitat as does Cocos – but the marine life is even more concentrated (if such a thing is possible) as the island covers a smaller area.

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