Indonesia Diving

More than 13,500 islands of volcanic origin make up the Indonesian Archipelago. These islands protect 10% of the reefs found on the planet. With a variety of diving second to none, we find coral plateaus, drop offs, pinnacles, arches and black sands providing shelter to an incredible biodiversity of fauna. Differing dive sites and zones may be explored all year round to admire more than 3200 species of fish and more than 600 of coral.

More and more species continue to be discovered each year by scientists, notably in the region of Raja Ampat. From the miniscule pygmy sea horse to the massive sperm whale, everything can be seen in Indonesia. Celebrated for the intense colors and the rare macro fauna that they shelter, the Indonesian coral gardens also share their home with vertical drop offs, sharks, rays, whales, pelagics, turtles and the giant ocean sunfish.

The Indonesian Archipelago is found in the “Coral Triangle,” and is home to one of the largest marine biodiversities on the planet.
Your cruise aboard Waow will permit you to explore an incredible collection of reputed dive sites in addition to zones where certain sites are rarely dived or remain unexplored. To find out more about the specific itineraries and dives on each circuit proposed by Waow, we invite you to consult our “Itineraries” page provided on our website  .

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