Socorro and Guadalupe Diving

The Socorro Islands (the Revillagigedos Archipelago) are composed of four remote islands located in the Pacific Ocean roughly 250 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They are uninhabited, wild and unpredictable and have often been called “the Mexican Galapagos” because of the startling size and array of marine life. Three of the islands (San Benedicto, Socorro, and Roca Partida) are typically visited on any of our live-aboard cruises.

If you are looking for the world’s best underwater encounters with Giant Manta Rays (up to 22 ft wing span), you’ll find them at the Socorro Islands. Not only are the mantas not afraid of divers, they welcome us with open wings! Gliding just above us in blue water, stopping and hovering just a foot or two away while enjoying a diver induced bubble Jacuzzi – unlike other marine life they love our bubbles! These manta encounters are simply so unusual there’s nothing to compare in the diving world.

But that’s just the beginning of our Socorro Islands scuba adventures. You can see over seven different species of sharks in these waters, humpback whales, whalesharks and plenty of accommodating wild bottlenose dolphins that pose for your camera or video, just a few feet away! We’ve even snorkeled with pilot and false killer whales! Throw in the remarkable schools of tuna, jacks and endemic reef fish and it’s a very amazing place!

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Guadalupe Island, Mexico

In the summer months of Aug-Oct we move the Solmar V 850 miles north to Ensenada, Mexico where we run trips to the infamous Guadalupe Island. Our trips consist entirely of high voltage Great White Shark Cage Dives! With a thriving population of Great White Sharks in clear, blue water this is fast becoming the best place worldwide for video and photography of these majestic sharks.

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